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Is your company or organization looking to connect with building documentation stakeholders and showcase your offerings to a broad audience of industry professionals? Sponsoring the U.S. Institute of Building Documentation through various sponsorship opportunities is a valuable way to engage with numerous USIBD members and position your company as a key player in the building documentation industry.

Benefits of a USIBD Sponsorship

By backing the USIBD, your organization gains access to influential decision-makers in the building documentation industry. With members in the United States and internationally, including individuals and member firms, our communications channels reach thousands of professionals through various media outlets.

Annual partnerships with the USIBD provide the greatest benefits for your contribution. Explore the different categories of annual sponsorships and their associated advantages in our Sponsorship Kit.

How Your Sponsorship Helps

Your sponsorship plays a crucial role in supporting the USIBD in its core programs and objectives, including the establishment of guidelines, standards, best practices, and a code of ethics. It also contributes to the initiatives of USIBD’s committees, involving the publication of surveys/reports, white papers, and information on emerging technologies for reality capture and the built environment.


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