USIBD Welcomes New Sponsor – Cintoo

The U.S. Institute of Building Documentation (USIBD) is pleased to announce we have a new Gold level sponsor, Cintoo.   Cintoo offers their Cintoo Cloud solution which is a cloud-based Reality Data management and collaboration platform. By transforming large point cloud data into 3D meshes, the data is now shareable, collaborative, and distributable with clients, contractors and your own teams.  We are very excited that Cintoo supports the mission of the USIBD seeking to promote Building Documentation as a distinct industry.

“Cintoo Cloud is where laser scanning and digital twins meet.  Cintoo Cloud transforms 3D laser scans into 3D meshes which make the data easier to understand so you can extract meaningful information.  Integrating with BIM platforms such as Autodesk BIM360 Cintoo Cloud enables you to compare the as-built scans to the BIM Model and create issues for your preferred BIM coordination platform. And users can access the data from anywhere at any time on almost any Internet enabled device through a simple WebGL browser.” Learn more at

“Cintoo sponsors USIBD’s effort in setting standards and best practices for Reality Capture, promoting a new generation of mesh-based Reality Data accessible via the cloud, bringing the as-built conditions in collaborative workflows for a massive adoption of BIM in the future.”

Dominique Pouliquen

CEO, Cintoo US Inc.