Mission & Guiding Principals

The USIBD was founded to promote and facilitate:

  • Building Documentation as a distinct industry; establishing standards, guidelines and best practices to foster excellence in the productivity, quality and safety of the documentation process
  • The codification of ethical practices to support and further the growing network of professionals dedicated to Building Documentation
  • Cooperation and the exchange of information among documentation professionals who are responding to growing interest in Building Documentation by owners/operators, service providers, government agencies, and the public
  • The establishment and promotion of "Certified Building Documentation Professional" certification (CBDP)
  • The institution of a core educational resource dedicated to the pioneering technology of the Building Documentation industry
  • Recognition of individuals for outstanding dedication and service to the Building Documentation profession

Our Guiding Principals (Philosophy):

  • We believe in open standards
  • We believe in providing an open forum where all stakeholder groups with an interest in Building Documentation can gather to share ideas and information, network with one another and access resources
  • We believe in advancing Interoperability - working with other accepted standards
  • We believe in fostering excellence in the productivity, quality and safety of the Building Documentation process
  • We will promote ethical practices and the highest integrity
  • We do not wish to re-invent the wheel, instead, we believe in supporting influencing and promoting the growth of other meaningful standards in lieu of creating new ones
  • We believe in the development of prescriptive standards that define the result, not the process - "Intent defines process"

Code of Ethics

Guide to the Code of Ethics and Personal Conduct

  • The preamble to the USIBD’s Code of Ethics describes the principles upon which the Code of Ethics is based and includes a brief summary of the document. It provides that members of the USIBD are dedicated to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and competence. This Code states guidelines for the conduct of members in fulfilling those obligations. The Code is arranged in three tiers of statements: Canons, Ethical Standards, and Rules of Conduct:
  • Canons are broad principles of conduct.
  • Ethical Standards (E.S.) are more specific goals toward which members should aspire in professional performance and behavior.
  • Rules of Conduct are mandatory; violation of a Rule is grounds for disciplinary action by the Institute. Rules of Conduct, in some instances, implement more than one Canon or Ethical Standard.

Commentary, which is meant to clarify or elaborate the intent of the Rule, is provided for some of the Rules of Conduct. The Code applies to the professional activities of all USIBD members regardless of their membership category and is enforced by the USIBD Ethics Council (the "Council").


Our Leadership Team is Comprised of the Board of Directors and our Committee Chairs.  If you are interested in serving on a committee or becoming part of our Leadership Team please contact Jill Rosoff at jill.rosoff@usibd.org


Our Staff is here to help you


USIBD is organized around six main committees. Our volunteer staff does an incredible job of tackling even the most complex task. We are always looking for people excited about helping us pursue our goals. Below are the committees that make our organization great.

Communications Committee

Communication is critical to the USIBD's ability to serve its membership and the community as a whole. The Communications Committee is pivotal to facilitating the other committees' initiatives.

Standards Committee

The USIBD Standards Committee provides USIBD members with the tools to properly assess and communicate project needs for those procuring and providing building documentation services. Utilizing a holistic view, USIBD has created a comprehensive set of tools that addresses both project and stakeholders’ requirements. 

Education Committee

A critical component of the USIBD mission is education and training. As a newly formed professional organization in a specialized field like Building Documentation establishing that we are the "go to" venue for education and training would help to attract members and build credibility.

Technology Committee

The USIBD Technology Committee provides leadership, vision, and research & development as they pertain to technologies within the building documentation industry. It recognizes available tools and forecasts the potential of new technology. This committee shall work closely with the Standards Committee in the development of best practices as they relate to technology.philip@structionsite.com