The U.S. Institute of Building Documentation (USIBD) proudly hosts several different kinds of events throughout the country for people in the built environment! Events are a great place to learn from and connect with like-minded folks in the industry. Events also provide opportunities for continued education as building documentation technology and methods continue to grow and evolve.

Learn more about the types of events the USIBD hosts and participates in!



Connect locally through MeetUPs!

MeetUPs are designed to bring local communities together to discuss topics of importance with regards to any aspect of building documentation. MeetUPs may be hosted by any USIBD member and are open to Members and Non-members alike.

The USIBD will provide support resources to help prepare your agenda and push out notifications of your local MeetUP event. MeetUPs are typically free to attend, but the host may elect to require a cover charge to help cover costs. Or, sometimes costs may be covered by signing up as an event sponsor.



Geo Week 2024 was a tremendous success featuring the USIBD’s TLS & SLAM Workflow Evaluation. Several of the leading scanner manufacturers participated showcasing their best workflow solutions on a course designed by the USIBD’s Laser Scanning Committee.

USIBD Annual Symposium

The USIBD Annual Symposium is an annual conference highlighting the latest insight and knowledge covering building documentation. This event includes panels and workshops from industry professionals all over the globe to cover a wide range of valuable subjects.

Stay tuned for more information about our next event!