Technology Committee

The USIBD Technology Committee provides leadership, vision, and research & development as they pertain to technologies within the building documentation industry. It recognizes available tools and forecasts the potential of new technology. This committee shall work closely with the Standards Committee in the development of best practices as they relate to technology.

Scope of projects:


  • Current Technologies – The Current Technologies subcommittee evaluates data acquisition and information management options currently available. Activities include the cataloging of existing methods and establishing the strengths, weaknesses and compatibilities of each.
  • Future Technologies – The Future Technologies subcommittee is tasked with anticipating the direction of new trends and foreseeing their potential within the building documentation industry.
  • Tech Reports – The USIBD Technology Committee shall author an ongoing report periodical referred to as “Cornerstone Reports” which will objectively evaluate technologies. Methods of polling, review, testing and reporting will be transparent, systematic and unbiased. A standardized scoring system will represent findings in an easy to read, straightforward way with the intent of giving the reader a sound basis for making decisions regarding adoption and use of current building documentation technologies.  The "Focus Report" provides companies the avenue to query the Building Documentation community through a specific survey, and then have a report built around the results.  This is a sponsored report.

Downloadable Brochure

Contacts:  Philip Lorenzo, Chair.  email;  Josh DeStefano, Vice Chair  email