Communications Committee

Communication is critical to the USIBD's ability to serve its membership and the community as a whole. The Communications Committee is pivotal to facilitating the other committees' initiatives.

  • Marketing - The Marketing subcommittee sets the strategic promotional direction of the organization. The focus of this subcommittee is promoting the organization through various venues, such as electronic newsletter, website, social media, blogs and publications.
  • PR/Events - The PR/Events subcommittee plans and implements promotional events, such as conferences and trade shows. This subcommittee also manages the flow of information between the organization and the public through press releases, topics of public interest and news items. Activities may include speaking at conferences, industry awards, working with the press, and general communication for the leadership team.
  • Editorial - The Editorial subcommittee will act as the organization's editor-in-chief. This subcommittee shall assist the organization and all of its committees in editing, proofing and preparing written material for final publication. The editorial subcommittee shall also act as the organization's liaison to publishers.