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Our Newest Members

The USIBD would like to recognize and welcome it's newest members

New Board Members

Let it be known that Kevin Kianka and Ted Mort have been elected to the Board of Directors through the acclamation process stated in section 7.6 of our By-laws.

Kevin and Ted, in their continued roles on the board, will help guide our organization through their leadership and direction.

Please join me in congratulating the both of them.

USIBD new Board Members

USIBD Strategic Plan Road Map

The USIBD has published its strategic road map to the future.

USIBD Strategic Plan Road Map

October's Newsletter President's Message

John Russo recorded the USIBD's presidents message for the October newsletter.

New Web Site in the works

Here is a sneak peak at the new USBID web site.

Stay tuned for the grand reopening event!

November Technology Committee Update

Technology Chairman - Ted Mort gives the November 2013 update for the newsletter

Why You Can’t Ignore Open-Source Software

A couple of years ago, my firm stumbled onto this great open-source tool for processing and editing 3D triangular meshes from laser scan data. Called MeshLab, the software was developed at the Institute of Information Science and Technologies (ISTI), part of the Italian National Research Council (CNR).

USBID and buildingSMART Alliance

USIBD is pleased to announce it has finalized a Memorandum of Agreement with buildingSMARTalliance (bSa)

Learning to Bridge the Building Documentation Gaps

As the means and methods for building documentation have evolved, various stakeholders have entered the marketplace with disparate levels of understanding. Some service providers have all the right tools but lack the necessary expertise to apply them correctly. Others have a substantial amount of expertise in their field but find themselves seeking additional resources as they acquire new technologies or seek to apply their skills in new markets; and still others simply want to find a way to differentiate their qualifications.

Why The USIBD?

As an architect with nearly thirty years of experience in building survey and documentation, I have come to realize that
the profession of building documentation in the United States is lacking a national organization to help promote, guide
and support this industry.
As the means and methods for building documentation have evolved, I have seen various stakeholders entering the
marketplace to provide existing conditions building documentation services. These have included parties such as