Standards Committee

The USIBD Standards Committee provides USIBD members with the tools to properly assess and communicate project needs for those procuring and providing building documentation services. Utilizing a holistic view, USIBD has created a comprehensive set of tools that addresses both project and stakeholders’ requirements. The culmination of its efforts are disseminated in the USIBD Manual of Building Documentation. The Manual shall serve as the primary repository of the organization’s Code of Ethics, Best Practices, Standards, Certification Program, Compliance Program and other works of intellectual property.

Scope of responsibilities:

  • Standards – Utilizing existing standards and augmenting them where necessary is the core of USIBD Standards. After careful research and evaluation by industry leaders of all stakeholder groups, USIBD has produced a library of standards that can confidently be adopted.
  • Specifications – Specifications are a key component to facilitating a successful project. Focusing on the end user and the final deliverable required, USIBD has developed specifications that comprehensively address all stakeholders’ and project needs.
  • RFQ Templates – Qualifying professionals most critical. The qualification process can be the success or failure of a project. USIBD has simplified this process by providing the key factors and their significance to properly qualify building documentation professionals.
  • RFP Templates – Proposal templates generated by industry professionals ensure that our members’ requests are clearly communicated and provide the professional presence that USIBD strives for.
  • Bid Scoring Guides – USIBD bid scoring guides quickly educate and arm our members with the key factors and their value. This knowledge facilitates an objective evaluation of all bidders and simplifies the decision-making process.
  • Best Practices – Knowledge of best practices further informs members of the building documentation industry and creates appropriate expectations. Implementation of these practices further ensures the success of any project.
  • Compliance Program – This program determines compliance of deliverables to project requirement utilizing different means, including options for inspection during data collection as well as post-processing evaluation. The program will also include validation of professional organizations.

Document update:

In the 3D Specification , there has been an update to an ASTM standard, as of 2017:

  • The old standard is ASTM 32544-11A. 
  • The new Standard is ASTM E2544, and can be found here.


LOA:   Writes and updates the Level of Accuracy Specification.  V.2.0 is the currentl version, published October, 2016.  V.3.0 is scheduled to publish in early 2018

IMAGERY:   est. in the fall of 2017, to establish a standard for photo documentation